Metrics in Balance is a Belgian holding company, with head offices in Ghent focusing on healthcare and wellbeing in the European market.

Shares of Metrics in Balance trade publicly on Euronext Paris (MLMIB)

About us

Metrics in Balance was founded in 2016 with a focus on applying occlusal splint therapy to solve posture imbalances.

Over a course of 4 years, Metrics in Balance cofounded and acquired several healthcare ventures in Dutch and Belgian market.


Dirk Verstraete
Clinical Director & CEO

Dirk Verstraete studied chiropractic in Los Angeles and later specialized in functional neurology. Dirk contributes the clinical vision to Balans and is the managing director.

Guy De Vreese

Guy De Vreese founded several successful companies in the past, mainly in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Today Guy heads a cosmetic-dental business with more than 25 franchise locations in Asia. Guy is closely involved in sourcing technologies and setting out the strategic lines for Balance.

Philippe Van Acker

Philippe Van Acker has over 30 years of experience in business finance, amongst them 20+ years as CFO in several publicly companies in the dental and healthcare space. Philippe oversees the financial standing of Metrics in Balance and is in charge of financial reporting of the group.

Emiel Lippens

Emiel Lippens has several years of experience in the incubation and marketing of medical and wellbeing concepts. He leads commercial activities within the ventures and acts as a liaison between the holding company and its holdings

What we
believe in

A number of new healthcare concepts and consumer trends have been sources of inspiration for how we see the near and further future of healthcare.

The popular 4P model of health care describes the need for personal care, preventive and patient-centric. Rather than applying standard protocols, care and prevention becomes a matter of customization! 

Nowadays, people rightly make a distinction between healthcare and sick care. We have to move away from the curative only. Prevention is also the key to a long and healthy life, as well as to lower the global cost of health care!

Finally, care must be applied in an integrative way. Mind, mouth & muscle: emotions, biochemical processes and the health of our system are strongly linked

4 Principles of Healthcare


We try not to categorize patients/customers or have a “protocol” for each condition. Every person is unique and that is why it is good to look at the individual behind every complaint or condition. Personalized healthcare is the future.


Covid has taught us that not everything can be solved with a magic pill and that we better take our responsibility to work on a healthier lifestyle. People want to know how their body works and guided in its optimization.


Thanks to all the data that we can collect as a result, we will be able to work predictively on both an individual and a collective level.


To measure = to know!
By getting to know your body better, you gain certain insights that are useful to prevent certain disorders through lifestyle adjustments

“At Metrics in Balance, we are turning a healthcare concept into a viable business, to give it the best chance of reaching the consumer mass, and to help healthcare professionals integrate it into their daily practice.”

- Guy De Vreese

Our Brands

Occlusal Posture Therapy by MiB

Revolutionary splint designs for TMD and posture pains

Balans Rugcentra

Multidisciplinary spine & posture clinics

DNA Talks

Lifestyle testing and health monitoring platform

What sets us apart
and holds us together

A constant quest for new trends and technologies.

Driven by technological breakthrough, and a collective consumer belief, we believe new healthcare concepts will outgrow the traditional healthcare model.

Go-to-market as our core business

To truly turn a concept into a viable business, a key skill is the ability to rapidly generate a constant stream of paying customers for it. This, we have turned into our core capability, and believe it is it the largest added value for our ventures to day.

B2C, and B2B2C

We are big believers in B2C models, but believe that professional prescribers can be the accelerator for treatments, have a higher lifetime value, and keep operations light within the venture.

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